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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Question: When will the game start?
Answer: Probably never, sorry.

Question: How much gold coins will I get at the start?
Answer: Normally 1000. But now, before the start of the game: 1050.

Question: But I have more now, before the game has started yet!
Answer: That can have two reasons:
1) You've got extra gold coins becuase you've pre-registered some years ago. The longer before the game starts, the more gold coins you've got.
2) You get gold coins for every new member you refer with your referral link.

Question: What do I get when I refer someone?
Answer: You will get 200 gold coins for every new member you refer. You can find your referral link at your profile-page.

Question: Will I lose my gold coins when my character dies?
Answer: That's not decided yet.

Question: What's the value of a gold coin?
Answer: The value is what the users make of it. That's how a market economy works. So I can't answer that question.

Question: Can I have more characters?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can I use my username and password to login on the forum?
Answer: No. The forum and the game are separated systems, so you have to make a new account to post at the forum, or post as guest.

Question: How long takes one turn?
Answer: One day.

Question: When is my character dead?
Answer: Your character has a health value. This value starts at 100, and you lose health points every turn in which you're sick. You're dead when you're character has 0 health.

Question: When gets my character sick?
Answer: When you're character has too little or too much of a particular nutritient

Question: What sicknesses can my character get?
Answer: It depends on the different nutritients and is based on reality. I won't say more, there have to be surprises. I would say: try it out!

Question: Can my character regain health points?
Answer: Yes, after some turns without a sickness, your character gets health points back.

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